''StarWing'' Heavy Attack Cruiser

StarWing Image Developed during the Mon Saanti civil war, the ''StarWing'' remains a formidable foe and is still used to support the Mon Saanti fleet. This massive ship has hyperspace capability and deploys its eight ''wings'' after entering normal space. Each wing is tipped in a plasma generator, used both for propulsion and to assault the enemy with a swarm of plasma bullets.

PlasmaFire in action Its most powerful attack is attained by aligning all eight plasma generators and emitting a stream of high-energy PlasmaFire. Its aiming mechanism is slow, however, and a skilled pilot can often evade the PlasmaFire without taking damage. The ''StarWing'' is also armed with an MK-2 frontal laser.

Other than avoiding the PlasmaFire attack, the best strategy against a ''StarWing'' cruiser is to attack its central structure. Position your ship just ahead of the cruiser's vertical movement and try to keep as much horizontal distance as possible. That way you avoid the MK-2 laser, while your fire will hit its mark.

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