"Vengeance" Bomber

The "Vengeance" Bomber is a recent addition to the Mon Saanti fighting force. Originally designed for planetary and space station attacks, the "Vengeance" has proven to be effective in other encounters as well. It is equipped with two high-powered laser cannons, used primarily to punch a hole through its enemy's hull, and often crippling its adversary before a single shot can be returned. A battery of heat-seeking projectiles is used as a defence against close-range enemies.

Bomber Image Its enormous size is also its main disadvantage in combat against smaller, faster ships, such as your craft. Since the laser cannons are mounted a fair distance apart, and cannot be aimed independently of the ship, a small craft can position itself between the cannons without being harmed. Pilots should note that this tactic does not protect a craft from incoming homing projectiles.

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