"Kraken" Battle Ship

The Kraken, with its tentacle-shaped Ďarms', was originally designed as a capital ship destroyer. Its four forward lasers are powerful enough to pierce through the armour of most larger ships, and its modular design allows it to continue its attack even if one or more of its "arms" have been disabled.

Kraken When the Mon Saar salvaged several Krakens from the remnants of the Mon Saanti fleet, they decided to modify the craft to allow it to both attack and defend itself from smaller craft as well. To this end, a series of energy shields were installed to protect the central core of the craft. Any attacker must disable these shields first. During this time, the Kraken will attempt to destroy its enemies with a salvo from its StarBurst energy cannons. Should you encounter a Kraken BattleShip, you will need to time your attack to avoid both the laser and the Starburst salvos, while aiming your fire at the central structure of the craft.

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