Mon Saar Dreadnought

Dreadnought This mighty battle ship has become the flagship of the Mon Saar fleet. The Dreadnought is armed with two powerful forward lasers, a battery of plasma cannons as well as several ion-burst turrets. It also carriers several squadrons of Mon Saanti Interceptors, which it is capable of launching through one of two hangar bays. Finally, the Dreadnought is equipped with superiour armour and shielding, enabling it to withstand heavy fire power with very little damage.

Dreadnought All of this makes the Dreadnought a formidable enemy. Our intelligence has not come up with an effective strategy - other than brute force - to counter its might. Note that while the main body of the Dreadnought can sustain a prolonged attack, its cannons and hangar bays present weaker targets that can be disabled one by one.

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