Slithers (BioForm)

Slithers are massive worms that wind their way through space, following an insatiable hunger for organic matter. They infest and reproduce in a myriad of ecosystems, destroying everything in their path. It is said that even the Mon Saanti regret letting these bio-engineered monstrosities loose, as they are no longer certain that even they can control them.

Slither Image Slithers occur in various stages of development. The lowest stage is mostly unaware of its surroundings, and simply follows a pre-programmed course towards its destination. This type of slither can be avoided without difficulty. The more evolved slithers aggressively seek out their prey and will hunt them until destroyed. The most advanced stage is even larger in size and has the ability to fire plasma bullets at its foes.

Every slither has a single weak spot: its heart. While most of the slither's body is shielded from enemy fire by a thick epidermis, the central segment is vulnerable and needs to be targeted to destroy the creature.

Strategy Hint: Carefully study the behaviour of a slither to help evade their attacks. Slithers will alternate between diving towards your craft and retreating to a safer distance. You can often fool their primitive minds by rushing your craft towards and past them, tricking them into retreating much earlier. This will leave you with more room to manouevre - an essential requirement for success.

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