The Crab (BioForm)

The Crab is a massive BioForm constructed by the Mon Saanti to guard key installations of the empire. Given its size and power, a single Crab can be a formidable foe to any pilot.

Crab Image Initially, the Crab is protected by a crystalline shield. While in this form, the Crab will use a large array of plasma cannons to defend itself from any attack. Should the shield be destroyed - exposing the vulnerable interior - the Crab will try to crush its opponent with its claws and/or acid spit.

There is no easy way to battle the Crab. Pilots will have to be alert at all times to dodge the Crab's many attack forms. Once the shield is destroyed, you might wish to position your craft as close to the Crab as you dare, either slightly above or below the mouth opening, but out of reach of the claws. Stay in that spot by carefully following the Crab's movements.

Our spies report that a Crab has been sighted near the Mon Saanti Research Station, although Hyperspace signatures indicate that several of these giant creatures could have been deployed from Mon Saanti Prime recently.

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