A-14 ReGenerator

The A-14 ReGenerator can be a formidable enemy. Its main weapon system consists of three frontal MK-2 laser cannons which do relatively little damage. Its main defence, however, consists of several lifeboats that are jettisoned from a destroyed ship. These lifeboats develop into full-sized ReGenerators if they are not destroyed in time. A single ReGenerator can quickly turn into a fleet of ships if the lifeboats are not eliminated.

ReGenerator Image Each generation of ships has less power than the previous one. A first generation A-14 will deploy three lifeboats, while a second generation A-14 can only deploy two lifeboats. The third generation has no power left for further lifeboats, and poses no further threat when destroyed.

When attacked by several A-14 ReGenerator Ships, focus your fire on one ship only, then destroy as many of its lifeboats as possible before moving on to the next ship. You need to keep their numbers at an absolute minimum.

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