The Hive Queen (BioForm)

Little is known about the Mon Saanti Hive Queen, other than that this creature is the central intelligence controlling much of the BioForm mutation and production programs. It inhabits a massive chamber deep beneath the surface of Mon Saanti Prime where it is protected by a full squadron of elite sentinel ships. Its body is said to be constantly emitting BioMass spores, the building block for the Mon Saanti genetic experiments. Nothing is known about its defenses; scouts sent out to locate and study the creature never returned.

We believe that the Hive Queen is of such unique importance to the Mon Saanti, that its destruction would help bring this bloody conflict to an end before it engulfs further star systems. You will need to pinpoint the location of the Hive Queen by traveling deep into Mon Saanti territory, using their own warp gate technology. Find the creature, confront it, and destroy it. Return peace to the Galaxy, before it is too late for us all.

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