Bonus and Power-Up Modules

These modules are dropped by destroyed cargo craft (see The HTE Transport Ship) and can be incorporated into your own weapon and shield systems. The following is a short list of modules and their capabilities.

The basic Power-Up modules are your most valuable prize. The IXS Prototype Craft has the ability to incorporate their power into its own systems, increasing both weapon and shield strength. Each Power-Up level has its own unique weapon system and needs to be fully mastered for maximum effect. Visit the Tech Centre often for regular updates on various weapons. Damage to your craft reduces your Power-Up Level, and weakens your shields and weapons. Once your shields are depleted, any additional damage will destroy the IXS Prototype Craft.

Additional ammunition for torpedo salvos. These modules are obtained by destroying a torpedo transport ship.

These modules cannot be incorporated by your craft's systems, however they are still valuable and will provide you with 250 extra credits.

These multi-purpose Bonus modules need to be collected in specific sequences to harness their full potential. See The Bonus System for more information.

Avoid at all costs. These modules contain incompatible systems that will damage your craft when collected.

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