The Shrapnel Bomb
(Registered Version Only)

The shrapnel bomb can be a decisive tool in your struggle against the Mon Saanti Empire. It is available in two different power configurations, and several techniques can be applied to maximize its effectiveness.

Shrapnel Bomb The primary stage of the shrapnel bomb is a large plasma projectile that is expelled from your weapon systems at relatively low speed. This projectile eventually splits into several smaller pieces, which in turn split into even smaller bullets. While the initial projectile does a lot of damage on impact, the smaller bullets are comparable to the damage caused by a standard laser gun.

The obvious choice in using this weapon is thus between ''power'' and ''spread''. One technique, particularly useful against solitary capital ships, is to engage the enemy at extremely close range. In this manner the larger projectiles will hit their mark and cause the most damage. However, the proximity to enemy fire can make this a dangerous maneuver.

A different technique is to gain as much distance from your opponents as possible, allowing the shrapnel bomb to split into many pieces covering a large area. This tactic is best used against swarms of smaller craft, which can be quickly eliminated by hitting them with a full spread of shrapnel pieces.

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