Jammer Image The Jammer is a sentinel drone that has been stationed in a defensive perimeter around Mon Saanti Prime. Its extremely long radar range enables it to notice and intercept incoming ships at great distances. Once it engages enemy crafts, it pinpoints and scrambles their navigational systems, putting the ship and its crew in extreme danger. Pilots being intercepted by a Jammer for the first time often do not live to recount the experience, as the shock of losing control of their ship leaves them vulnerable to enemy fire.

A Jammer needs to be countered with extreme care. The only way to release your craft from its grip is to destroy it. To do so you must be able to adjust your altered controls (which usually involves inversing your controls) to attack the Jammer, while continuing to avoid other enemy craft. Since the Jammer poses no other threat to your craft, experienced pilots will only turn their attention to the Jammer once all other enemy craft have been eliminated.

A note of caution: if the Jammer is destroyed, your controls will return to normal, thereby inversing your controls once again. This "back and forth" has been known to send even hardened pilots to their grave.

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