Difficulty Levels

Intensity XS has three different difficulty levels: easy, medium, and hard. These can be selected from both the ''Start Game'' and ''Options'' menus. The main differences in difficulty levels are as follows:

Some ships fly faster, and shoot faster bullets, on harder difficulty levels. For example, the Marauder will swoop in faster on your position, the ''Starwing'' Cruiser will fire a longer stream of faster plasma bullets at your craft, and the FireDrone will open and close faster, evading your fire more efficiently.

Harder difficulty levels have larger enemy formations and additional opponents in most attack waves. For example, several - rather than just one - ReGenerator Craft will await you in the Passage of Thorns (Sector 2) on the hardest difficulty level.

Finally, some special attacks, such as the ''Starwing'' Cruiser's plasma stream attack, will damage your ship more on the more difficult settings. To make matters worse, you will receive slightly fewer Upgrade Modules to aid you in your struggles. The hardest difficulty setting should only be attempted by expert pilots.

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