Score and HitPoint Tables

The following is a partial list of hitpoints and scores associated with enemies encountered in Intensity XS. A range of hitpoints indicates that actual hitpoint levels vary according to Sector and Difficulty Setting.

Mon Saanti Attack Craft
Interceptor Mk1; HP:2 Score:25
Interceptor Mk2; HP:2 Score:25
Marauder; HP:4 Score:40
A14 Re-Generator; HP:10 Score:40
NetShot; HP:6-14 Score:65
Jammer; HP:16-28 Score:var.
Miner; HP:5-17 Score:var.

Capital Ships
HTE Transport Ship; HP:5 Score:50
"StarWing" Cruiser; HP:15-55 Score:150
"Vengeance" Bomber; HP:25-33 Score:225
Carrier; HP:18-30 Score:100
---- Figher Craft; HP:1 Score:var.

Automated Defence Drones
V1 Droid; HP:2 Score:35
V2 Splitter; HP:6 Score:45
---- Splitter Projectyles; HP:1 Score:10
V3 FireDrone; HP:3 Score:50

Dragoon; HP:2-6 Score:35
Dragoon (Kamikaze); HP:5-17 Score:var.
B'Lanta Podship; HP:60 Score:var.
Slither; HP:var. Score:var.
Biomass; HP:8-12 Score:40
---- Biomass Spore; HP:2 Score:5
Spawning Pool; HP:50 Score:var.
---- Nerve Centre; HP:40 Score:500
The Crab; HP:200 Score:500
Hive Queen; HP:150+ Score:1000

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