Automated Defence Drones

The Masters of the Mon Saanti Empire, an ancient race of unknown origin, have long left the realm of purely organic beings. Using genetic modification and quantum nano-technology they long ago began to replace their own species with ''advanced'' versions of themselves. One of the earliest experiments of the Mon Saanti military was the duplication and transplant of a being's consciousness into the network of a machine, enabling a single master to control multiple unmanned craft without being physically present.

The Automated Defence Drones are a leftover from that experiment, now controlled by a mere memory of a former Master.

Droid Image
Version 1, the ''Droid'', is a simple design with weak defences and weaponry. These drones can, however, pose a serious threat given their speed and large numbers.

Splitter Image
Version 2, the ''Splitter'', has a more advanced targeting mechanism and slightly stronger shielding. Four heat-seeking projectiles are expelled from the drone upon its destruction and will threaten your craft unless destroyed. Registered Version Only

Firedrone Image
Version 3, the ''FireDrone'', has extensive shielding that protects the vulnerable insides from almost any attack. Its only weak point is that its shields must be dropped in order to fire upon its opponents. A pilot engaging this type of drone has to time his/her attack very carefully in order to hit the enemy during these few critical moments.

BubbleBomb Image
Version 4, the ''BubbleBomb'', is an extremely simple design. It will simply attempt to drift towards your craft and explode on impact. Avoid! Registered Version Only

Reflector Image
Version 5, the ''Reflector'', is designed to channel any energy, such as weapon fire, into an explosive burst of plasma bullets. The best strategy is to completely avoid these drones, as any accidentally fired shot can be turned into a weapon against you. ReCharge Only

Sentinel Image
Version 6, the ''Sentinel'', is the most massive of the automated defence drones and is capable of sustaining a large number of hits. After a short charging period, the Sentinel will slowly increase its rotational velocity until firing a burst of multi-directional plasma charges at maximum speed. ReCharge Only

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