"NetShot" Attack/Defence Craft

NetShot Image Originally developed by the ancient Kry'Lrr, and appropriated by the Mon Saanti Empire through conquest, the "NetShot" is a bizarre melding of ancient and alien technologies. It is said that the Mon Saanti have no way of repairing or even properly maintaining these ships, as the knowledge of the underlying technology has been lost for centuries. Still, the Empire is recklessly using their limited supply of this craft to attack and defend on many fronts.

NetShot Image The "NetShot" uses a form of gravitational manipulation to propel itself, moving only at a very limited speed. Its primary energy source is unknown as is the composition of its shield generator. By far the most puzzling is the nature of its weaponry. The "NetShot's" weapon systems are not based on typical plasma or laser technology. Rather, the Kry'Lrr had found a way to forge energy into a solid matter lattice, capable of holding its shape and even expanding without losing its integrity. The resulting "net" quickly expands to encompass a large section of space, making navigation around it increasingly more difficult as it grows in size. Should the net collide with your craft, its energy is instantly channelled into your craft, damaging the hull, power systems, and shields.

Because the net cannot be destroyed with conventional weaponry, your first target should be the "NetShot" craft itself. Circumventing the net alone is hard enough; doing so while under attack by other ships is definitely not advisable!

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