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THE MIDNIGHT POST * October 2007
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Adventure Game Spotlight #1:
Dream Chronicles

Adventure fans, look out! Imagine waking to find your husband missing and your daughter and the entire town under a sleeping spell. Clues are scattered about like breadcrumbs - discover what happened to your family and friends.

Dream Chronicles challenges you with surreal puzzles on your search for intricate clues. A truly beautiful adventure game in the tradition of game classics such as Myst or Riven.

Click here to download and play Dream Chronicles!

Adventure Game Spotlight #2:
Forgotten Riddles: The Mayan Princess

Forgotten Riddles is a combination of puzzle, adventure, and "find the hidden object" game. Its unique hook, however, is that clues to the hidden objects are present in riddle form. For example, presented with the clue "I appear in the sky when through mist does light bend; a colourful arc with gold stashed at its end" you must go on a search for a... rainbow!

Forgotten Riddles has over a thousand riddles to solve as you explore over 30 beautifully illustrated scenes.

Click here to download and play Forgotten Riddles!

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