# 1
Adventure Stalagmite Cavern
Location Wonderfalls
Solution by Marinus



Follow the WS (WeeStinker) up and left over the bridge, use the spring to go left, then walk up and go to the 2 rows of  3 red rotator buttons.

The leftmost buttons (1) are for the spring at the left, the ones in the middle (2) for the spring above the buttons and the rightmost (3) for the spring directly at the right.

Position 1 RU (right-up or NorthEast), 2 L and 3 L to get the gems. Then return to the buttons and position 1 R, 2 LD and  3 LU to follow the WS.

Step on the orange transporter, travel up and down to collect the gems and travel up again. Walk right and wake up the WS. Travel down and step on the pink button so the WS follows you. Step on the yellow button and put WS on green. Step on lightblue and put WS on blue. Step on orange and put WS right in front of you. Walk over the red button through the red gate, so WS will exit.


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by Mette