# 10
Adventure Grow Magic
Location Stinker Camp
Solution by dlcs18 and Salin


Solution by dlsc18

1. Walk to the red arrow.

2. Get the Grow and grow a flower northwest of the northmost transporter and then you can travel
the transporters.

3. Walk to where the stinker with the green hat is.

4. Place a growflower or two on the other side of the water to guide the turtle to make a bridge.

5. Walk south but once you are at the pool area go on the west gap in the wall and make a vertical line
of growflowers two spaces west of the pink gates.

6. Step on the pink button.

7. Go north and go onto the red arrow.

8. You will reach a place with 3 fireflowers (One facing at you and two facing south.

9. Before you go across one of the bridges make sure you have put a growflower in between you and the
fireflower so you don't get burnt.

10. Put growflowers in a position so one turtle comes to you so you can go across the water and one goes
onto the water gap that's even further away. (The positions are, from the location of the star):
2 North 1 East for first flower
3 North for second flower
4 North 1 East for Third Flower
5 North for fourth flower.

11. You can now reach the star.


Solution by Salin

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