# 101
Adventure Mystery Island (rainbow adv.)
Location NW of KABOOM! Village
Solution by cbloopy




There are actually 15 other islands in the level that all look exactly like the island you started on. The teleports connect these islands together, with teleports on one island going to different places than the teleports on another island. But because the islands all look the same, the game fools you into thinking you haven't left the starting island when you use the teleports.

The gates on one island are independent of the ones on another island. Although they don't affect the level in any way, whenever you open or close a gate on an island, it will stay opened/closed for that island (until you restart the level). This gives you a way to "mark" each island you've been to with a pattern of opened and closed gates of your choosing. This allows you to distinguish an island you've visited from ones you haven't, and if you've gone around in a circle back to an island you've already visited, you can tell which one it is from the gate pattern. Using this technique, you can gradually map out where the teleports on each island lead to, and ultimately work out the way to the level star.


[label the 3 teleports on each island as UP LEFT and DOWN, based on where each is located on the island]
1) From start island, go through this sequence of teleports: UP UP DOWN LEFT DOWN DOWN.
2) Grab the white key you see.
3) From the island with the key, enter any teleport; they all bring you back to starting island.
4) Back on staring island, go through this sequence of teleports: UP UP DOWN LEFT LEFT.
5) Use the key on the gate left of the star.


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by Mette