# 102
Adventure Mystery Archipelago (rainbow adv.)
Location S of Stinker Camp, Blink area
Solution by popo and Erwin042


Solution by popo (covers from beginning to the Blink! part)

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Solution by Erwin042 (covers the Blink! part)

How did I made it to the star of Mystery Archipelago standing on the tip of the southmost island and start with blinking on those speedy barrels?

First take pieces of tape and a pen
I used painter's tape. Tape used by painters who paint walls and don't want to paint over the lines. You may use other tape as well of course.

I stand on that tip of the island
save game
point cursor on first barrel and put first tape on mouse pointer
so this is position first barrel, I wrote a '1' on that tape

tried it with blinking, and it works

don't save now! When I had the position of the next barrel my stinker was drowned because I stopped playing
restested everything from the beginning so on tip of the island

blinked on first barrel
then postion on second barrel
hoping to blink, but failed

but mouse pointer is still on barrel position, so stinker is drowned
but I put piece of tape on screen so mouse position stays on barrel position
before the menu appeared of course

reloaded level from position tip of island

blinked to tape spots and I failed cos I'm not fast enough with positioning mouse, I really do not have to think where the next barrel is,
I just have to know it by heart where it is
so that's why I have those tape on my screen posted

mouse pointer stays on barrel position
where is the next barrel?
it's going up!
same procedure
when mouse pointer isn't on barrel, I just reload savegame and retried until mouse pointer is on barrel but I'm not still fast enough
I need to learn the positions too on my screen by heart!

until 7th piece of tape it went fine but then I'm totally suprised how to get to the gem island
tape with 'gems' on is of course a piece, a side, a tile of the gem island

and discovered I need to reblink on that 7th piece of tape
so I made a crossing

now I made a new savegame

for the next I'm not sure what is was again

retried everything to be sure everything I learned is right

then that 'zero' spot
it's almost out of screen
if I point to it, it is a position but only just in the left top corner of my piece of tape (I got lucky)
it's the barrel from the crossing

finally to the star, that's the piece of tape with my star painted on


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by Mette