# 106
Adventure Ice Flower Cave v4
Location After Loopy's secrets
Solution by Lucky-Luc, Mette and cbloopy (videos)


Solution by Lucky-Luc

Part 1: Crossing the bridge
The bridge is only used to make you lose some FLOING-charges. With the optimal way, you can leave it with 3 charges left. Go to the most bottom spot you can reach without removing the one-step-bridge. Shoot a FLOING bubble at the most bottom tile of the bridge, recharge your gloves, enter the bridge and create six bubbles on the water surrounding the bridge. Walk quickly into the last bubble, wait until it bursts and leave the bridge.

Part 2: Getting the gems and coins
Pretty obvious. Trap the spikey on the fist button, collect the gems, wait till the bubble bursts, trap it on the second button, collect the coins and leave the whole area. Make sure you wait until that bubble bursts too before continueing with

Part 3: Getting the star *1

There's so much to do here that you could split it into more parts, but everything has to be done in such a small amount of time that you can't hesitate between any of those steps. Because it would be way too hard to explain it without a picture, look at the attachment while reading this:
Go to blue cross 1. Create the remaining bubble at the red cross just before the Ice Flower shoots another spellball at you. Charge your gloves with the GROW-magic. Go to blue 2. Quickly grow two icicles at the green crosses 1. Create two or three more mushrooms anywhere where they can't block anything necessary (this is needed to make the icicles burst fast enough). As soon as the Ice Flower has shot another spellball (which will freeze itself), go to blue 3 now and shoot another GROW at green 2; it should get stuck in the FLOING bubble. Go to blue 4 and shoot two more GROWs at green 1 again; these should also get stuck in the FLOING bubble. Charge your gloves with POW now. Go to blue 6 and shoot POWs at the orange crosses; the one that hits the fire flower should get stuck in the FLOING bubble again. Quickly get the scritter to this area now and chase it onto the cyan button. The ice flower should be unfrozen now and there should be three icicles again. Go to blue 6, wait till the Flower shoots another spellball (which will freeze the scritter) and go to blue 2 again. After the Ice Flower is frozen again, you can easily reach the star.

Watch video (showing Lucky-Luc's solution)

Watch video (This video shows a variation of the solution, with the Flo bubble closer to the Pow charger, so less walking is required to set up the Flo bubble, giving you slightly more time before the bubble bursts.)


*1 Hints for alternative solution to part 3 by Mette

Use the last floing bubble to shoot behind the flower, get POW, blast the barrels and get the scritter to the cyan button.

Then get GROW and place one on an ice square and get an ice ball reflected to freeze the scritter. Use 2 more GROWs to get the ice flower frozen and exit.

Watch video (showing Mette's solution)


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by Mette