# 13
Adventure Jungle Creatures
Location Jungle
Solution by Marinus



Walk up over the bridge to the main area and collect the gems. Go left and down to the turtles area.

Stand in the way of the turtles, just above the bottom right corner, to let 2 of them go down into the water. Let the other 3 continue their way. Then stand at the left side, just below the small passage, to let them reverse course. Quickly run and stand on the rightmost of the 2 that are in the water yet, so the other 3 go to the left. Get the key, and return to the main area.

Go up and left, chase the crab into the water, and take care for the fireflowers, on your way to the 4 crabs area. Walk down and chase the 2 crabs up and into the water, one at a time. Then go to the upper left area to chase the other 2 crabs down, and chase them also up into the water.

Walk over the crabs to the bridge, collect the gems at the left and go right. Walk up through the tentacles, chase the other crab also into the water, get the key and return to the main area.

Open the yellow gates and walk up until just 1 row of tentacles is standing. At the moment the fireflowers fire both the same time, run up. Get the gems, and chase the crab to the left, (one step at a time) until it sits, stopping the fire. Go left, down and exit.


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by Mette