# 15
Adventure Crab Columns
Location Jungle
Solution by Marinus



Get the green “Grow” power and walk all the way down. Place the 1st Grow 2 tiles below the red button, and the 2nd Grow 2 tiles below the water where the log was. (where you came from) Chase the crab onto the red button, and wait directly below the transporter, until the grows are expired.

Place the 3rd Grow left-below the orange gate, and the 4th Grow right-below the red gate. Travel up and right, get the key, and return to the crab. Chase it on the yellow button. Therefore walk diagonally onto the red button and back, to make sure the crab goes right instead of left. Travel up again, *1 and wait then until the grows (3 and 4) are expired. 

Place the 5th Grow right-below the yellow gate, travel right, get the key and return to the crab. Chase it all the way left, place the 6th Grow 2 tiles below the orange button, and chase the crab onto the button. Stand below the transporter, place the 7th Grow left-above the orange gate, and travel up. (wait then until the grow(s) is/are expired.)

Place the 8th Grow in the upper water, (left-above the gem) and get the key. Travel down and back up to get the gem. Travel down and go to the lower-left part. Get the gem, place the 9th grow in the water and travel up to get the coins.

Go back along the big water to the right, use the keys to open the gates and exit.

*1 Alternative way: If you’re not in time to use the 3rd Grow the second time traveling up, you can use one more Grow. Then you need the 9th Grow to get the crab from the horizontal way at the bottom, up to the water below the Grow-gloves, and you can place Grows as much as you want to get the gems/coins


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by Mette