# 17
Adventure Turtle Navigation
Location Jungle
Solution by Marinus



Stand on the orange button, walk over the bridge, and go left.

Step on the blue button, and at the moment the turtle is 1 tile above the blue gate, step on the transporter, (then you should be in its way, so it will go left) then you walk 2 tiles left and 1 up, into a corner. (the turtle will travel right, and go through the TP to activate the yellow button)

Go through the yellow gate, get the key and step once on the rotatorbutton. Go back over the bridge and use the key to go through the red gate. Stand on the white, and green button.

When there’s no turtle on the gate, stand on the lightblue button,  to let 2 turtles go left, (for the viewer) and stand on the lightblue button again, to let the others continue their way.

Stand on the green button again, (all gates should be open now) and walk over the turtles to the island. Stand on the lightblue gate, to let one turtle go right, (making a bridge to the star) then walk 2 tiles right, so the last turtle will go up. (making a bridge to the coin) Get the coin and exit.


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by Mette