# 19
Adventure Blink River
Location Jungle
Solution by Marinus



Go right, to the green “Grow” gloves, but don’t touch the green button. Go 6 tiles left and place the 1st Grow 5 tiles below you. (just above a lightbrown rock in the water) Walk left and over the logs to the turtle area, and stand top-middle of their rectangle shaped path, to let one turtle go right, swimming to the Grow.

Then go to the right of that rectangle, one tile below the middle, most far right. (3 tiles right of the lower bushes inside the rectangle) Place the 2nd Grow 8 tiles right of you. (partly outside the computer screen) Step 1 up and 2 left, (the middle of the right side of the rectangle) to let the other turtle go to the Grow.

(If you have a “spy eye” you can check if both turtles are in vertical line with each other, and the lower one in horizontal line with the 2nd row of buttons from the bottom.)

Go back over the logs to the red gate/button area, over the pink “Blink” power gloves and stand on the red round button.

1st Blink left over the red gate. Walk to the place where you was placing the 2nd Grow.

2nd Blink right on the turtle.

3rd, right on a small path between walls.

4th, right on lightblue button.

5th, left on small path.

6th, left on turtle.

7th, up on other turtle.

8th, right-up on the land (just below the rightmost wall-part)

Stand on the green button to open the gate, (which should be green now)  get the gems, and use the last Blink to reach the star.


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by Mette