# 2
Adventure Turtle Cavern
Location Wonderfalls
Solution by Marinus



Walk down and right over the barrels to the red timer. Run for the green key before the timer expires. Get the gems, open the green gate, go back to the red timer and run through the red gate at the right.

Enter the first T (turtle) area, stand in its way and wait until the T goes into the water. Stand in the bottom-left corner of the 2nd Tís way until it goes right. Then step 1 tile right. When it comes back it goes down and into the water.

Wake up the WS (WeeStinker) and walk into the 3rd Tís room. Position WS 2 tiles below the water and stand in the way of the T so it goes into the water.

When the 4th T goes to the buttons, send WS to the blue button. (so both buttons are covered) Release the other Tís by stepping on the red button, so they make a long bridge to the left. Send WS 3 tiles left of the red button, so the 4th T goes down and left, making a bridge to the gems.

Wake up WS, collect the gems and travel both to the left, and walk to the exit.


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by Mette