# 22
Adventure Living on the Edge
Location Mountains
Solution by Marinus



Walk down / left to the lightblue gate, get the green gloves Grow power, and walk all the way right.

Place 1st and 2nd Grow in front of the middle and right fireflower, chase the critter up and left, beyond the left flower. Get the right and middle gem, and wait until the Grows are expired.

Place 3rd Grow in front of  the left fireflower, and get gem. Chase the critter onto the lightblue button, place 4th Grow to keep it there, and walk left to the transporters area.

Use the 5th and 6th Grow to stop the transporters (1 and 2) , so you can step from one transporter to another, but make sure to place the 7th Grow one tile more left, so the 3rd transporter comes diagonally left below the 4th one. Travel down on that 4th transporter without placing a Grow, and press the yellow button.

Place 8th Grow, (to stop the 4th transporter diagonally left above the 5th one) travel up, place 9th Grow and travel  left and up to the yellow gate. Collect the coins and walk left and up onto the red arrow.

Walk up and when the chomper goes over the timers, walk slowly up to (let the chomper sit on) the 1th timer. (white > red). Walk slowly down to the 4th timer, (red > pink) but make sure the 4th timer is expired then and the 1st one is not.

(If you are too fast and the 4th timer isnít expired when the chomper steps on it, it wonít do anything, so the gate will stay red. And if you are too slow and the 1st timer is expired before the chomper steps on the 4th one, the gate will turn back from red to white)

Then let the chomper sit on the 2nd timer, (pink > blue) the 5th one (blue > yellow) and the 3rd one. (yellow green) Make sure each next timer is expired when the chomper steps on it, but the previous one is still activated.

When the gate is green, run to the green button and exit.


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by Mette