# 23
Adventure Follow the River
Location Mountains
Solution by Marinus



Walk right / down to get the green “Grow” power. Go back around to the blue transporters, and get the coin. Place a Grow below the downwards transporter, step on it diagonally and wait until the Grow is expired. (You can place more Grows to let it expire sooner.) Step on the lower transporter, get the yellow “Pop” power and go back. (stepping diagonally again)

Go to near the 5 buttons and Pop the 2nd, 3rd and 5th. (from L to R) Get Grow power again and walk through the gates and the blue TP. (teleporter)

Place a grow below the 1st tentacle, stand below it and repeat with the other ones. Walk over the buttons to the right side, wait until the Grows are expired and one chomper is on the buttons, then place a Grow right of the red button. Enter the red TP, step down, and go through the other TP’s onto the red arrow.

Walk right and up over the logs/barrels to get the coin and stand on the buttons. Go back left and up through the gates. Collect the gems but make sure never step on a red round button.

Get the blue key and run back all the way, mostly using the keyboard, but make sure the chomper is not too far behind you. (to prevent it takes a different path, stepping on a red button) Once you’re through the gates, run right, through the tentacles.

Use the key to open the gate, stand on the red arrow and exit.


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by Mette