# 24
Adventure BLINK Fast
Location Mountains
Solution by Marinus



Walk right and chase the critter onto the yellow button. (I believe sometimes it’s random which way it goes so keep trying. Chase it from the yellow gate onto the button) Wait left of the gate. At the moment the fireflowers fire, run to the pink “Blink” gloves and back.

Walk left to the water and Blink (1) down on the barrel and 2 down on the little island. Walk left to the rotatorbuttons and step 6 times on the rightmost button, and once on the middle on. Step down and walk left, so you will spring (LU, R and U) to the coins. Spring (D and R) back, and walk back to the island.

Blink (3) down-left on the barrel, get the gems and step on the green button. Stand on the edge of the land and Blink (4) down-right on a barrel, (not on the farmost one, but the one about halfway) 5 and 6 right, and walk up to get the gems and step on the blue button. Then Blink (7) down and 8 right on the barrel. Get the gems and recharge Blink power.

Blink (1) left on the leftmost barrel, 2 left and 3 left-down on a barrel. Get the gems, stand on the barrel and Blink (4) right-up, and 5 left on a barrel, get the gems, stand on the red button, stand on the barrel and Blink (6 and 7) to where you came from. Walk through the gates and exit.


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by Mette