# 25
Adventure The High Point
Location Mountains
Solution by Marinus



Chase the critter on the blue button, get the gems, and go through the blue gate.

Step on the top-left button, (yellow / red) the middle-left one, (lightblue / green) the middle-right one, (pink / red) and twice on the top-right one. Go through the gates and the green TP.

Go through the fireflowers part to get the yellow “Pop” gloves power and back.

This is just a matter of right timing. There are 2 safe spots in that part. From the beginning to the 1st safe spot, and from the 1st safe spot to the 2nd one are both 2 fireflowers to watch for. From the 2nd safe spot to the end there are 3.

In general: Wait for the moment they are firing after each other. In the case of the three flowers: Try to find a moment that the 1st flower shoots first, then the 2nd one and then the 3rd one. Start walking at the moment the 1st one has shot and wait for the 2nd one, then continue walking.

Try to use both, mouse and keyboard and see what's best.

Get the gems, Pop on the white button, and go through the white gate. Pop on the rightmost transporter and then on the one just above the spring. Travel right, spring up and exit.


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by Mette