# 26
Adventure Waterfall Cliffs
Location Mountains
Solution by Marinus



Walk up and left, and chase the crab up into the water where the other 2 crabs are. Chase the other crabs into the water down to the green button and onto the green button.

Go up through the green gate, and wait one step above it. The chomper will stay in horizontal line with you; keep it alive. At the moment all 4 logs come up the same time, walk over. Time your steps carefully to let the chomper avoid the fireflowers and fire.

Walk up to just below the blue buttons. At the moment the fire on top (left of the chomper) goes down, (or maybe even a moment earlier, for it takes some time before the gate is open and the chomper starts walking) continue walking and stand on the rightmost blue button. When the chomper is almost in the middle of the blue buttons, run through the blue gate.

Walk all the way right and get the green “Grow” gloves power. Use one Grow to block the way to the long bridge where you came from, walk down and right, and use another Grow for the little water place. Walk down and chase the crab up to the green gloves, get the coin, an wait until the Grows are expired.

Walk left over the long bridge, place two Grows, one in the lower little water place and one right of the upper one, and chase the crab all the left to the blue gate, and wait until the Grows are expired.

Stand below the red button, and place Grows left-above and right- above you in the water, and one right of you on the path. Chase the crab into the water, and stand on the red button.

Walk all the right and down, through the red gate and exit.


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by Mette