# 27
Adventure Lost Lake
Location Mountains
Solution by Marinus



Walk up and stand on the red arrow. Chase the critters onto the buttons, get the green key and return to the arrow.

Walk up and right to the lake, open the green gate, get the green “Grow” gloves power, and spring down. Return to the start point, place a Grow to stop the fireflowers fire, walk all the way up to get the coins, and return to the lake again.

Walk down and around the lake, (but don’t walk over the barrels) place a Grow at the top-left corner of the turtle’s path, so it will walk down over the barrels. Then stand 2 tiles left of the leftmost palm tree, to let the turtle change direction, and then stand directly left-below the lower palm tree, so the turtle will make a bridge to the transporter.

Place grows and use the transporters, to go to the island with the star.


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by Mette