# 28
Adventure Boom or Bust
Location Behind stone gates
Solution by jdl



After you have dodged the Ice Troll's ice shots in the first part, stand on the tile after the bridge and stop. Now, use your Spy-Eye (if you have one) and look up where the Ice Troll was shooting and wait for the two Stinkers to get near there. If you don't have a Spy-Eye, then wait about 20 seconds after you have stepped off the bridge. Then get Grow Magic and shoot at the water tiles that are above the floor. The Ice Troll's will be comming after you get the Grow so you have to shoot fast. After the first gate has gone down, step on it and wait for the second one. Once you have went through the gates, you will have to dodge the ice balls and chompers in the next room. Good Luck!


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by Mette