# 30
Adventure Creature Feature
Location Jungle
Solution by Marinus



1) The green crabs.

Walk down and right over the barrels. Walk along the upper and left edges, (mouse-clicking on top-left corners) to make sure not to disturb the red crab. Step diagonally onto the barrel right of the lightblue button, and wait until one crab is on the button. Repeat with the barrel below the yellow button.


2) The red crab.

Then walk back down along the left edge to the bottom path, and stand 3 tiles below the crab. Click on the little island right-below the crab to chase it left-up, stand 3 tiles below it again, and click directly below the crab.(the crab should be on farmost top of that area now) Walk right and up, to chase the crab left-up over the little island, to make a bridge to the upper area.


3) The chompers.

Walk all the way up and stand on the pink button. Click directly left of the gems, and wait until the chompers are waiting just below the 1st and 2nd tentacles at the left. Click directly right of the pink button and walk down to the wall. (then save game)

Step one right, and at the moment both chompers are in, run up, click on the gems and exit that area at the right side. (go far enough to let the tentacles be up again before the chompers arrive)

Collect the coins, return to where you came from and spring to the left.


4) Turtles and critters

Go through the red TP, and wait until the turtles are in the water. Click on one of the turtles until a critter is on a green button, then return to the middle intersection. Repeat with the other 3. Careful with the fireflowers, and go over the gates to the red arrow.


5) Final room

Walk up and left below the turtle area, then down and left. Run in one movement all the way down and up again to chase the critter up, before the fireflowers fire.

Chase the critter right, and let it sit just right of the lower part of the brown path (right-above the entrance of that area) Stand in the way of the turtle, to let it walk down, then run to the place just above the vertical part of that brown path, before the turtle arrives. (the turtle will walk right and up over that path, then left to the red gate and right, to make a bridge to the gold star)

Chase the critter onto the red button, collect the gems and exit.


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by Mette