# 33
Adventure Obstacle Race
Location KABOOM! Village
Solution by Marinus



Since this is a speed match, a text-walktrough maybe will not quite sufficient. But I’ll give a few hints.

The Kaboom and you are running almost the same speed but you can win by taking a shorter route then he does. That happens on at least three places, and two of them are important.

1) You start on yellow ground, go up or left-up and then make a big “S on its side” on green ground. (up, left, down, left, and up) Then the Kaboom goes all the way up, but you can go right earlier, so you’re much closer behind him.

2) The other point is just before you’re entering the camp. You’re walking down along the fence, and the Kaboom goes further down around a tree and some water, but you can directly go right along the fence, and up into the camp.

It’s also important, when you are behind the Kaboom, to point the mouse/cursor just behind him, or on him. Because, if you point before him, and he is on a place where the width of the path is only one tile, there is no open way between you and the cursor, so you would walk “as the crow flies” to the cursor, and if there’s something in the way, you stop. (Actually the same as with chompers; If there is an open way between you and chompers, they act different then if there’s none)

So, in short, there are only three things I can tell you to complete this level:

1.      Take a shorter route.

2.      Make sure there’s an open way between the cursor and you.

3.      Good luck!


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by Mette