# 37
Adventure Lost Among the Coral
Location NW of KABOOM! Village
Solution by Marinus



1)      1st BB, orange button.

Walk down, follow the spikey halfway down, and go all the way right. Send the BB (babyboomer) to the dark square button, over the barrels and onto the orange button.


2)      2nd BB

Go through the orange gate, the 2 spikeys area, and the fireflowers area, and stand on the pink button. Guide the 2nd BB back through the fireflowers and spikeys, back to the orange button area. (let BB walk a few steps and stand still, walk a few steps yourself and stand still, save game etc.)


3)      Blue gate

Send both BBs below the 1 spikey area, and follow. Let the BBs explode 2 kegs, and get the yellow POP gloves power. Let the BBs stay there.


If you dont have a spy-eye, stand left above the blue gates, to see where the blue button is. Go back to the orange button area, and stand 6 tiles right of the orange button, to Pop the blue button. (although its outside the bottom-right corner of the screen, you can Pop on it)


4)      3rd BB

Go through the blue gate, then down and stand on the green button. This will activate a TP. Go to the area just below the 1 spikey and stand most far down. Send the 3rd BB through the TP, (to the orange button area) and down through the spikey area to explode the 3rd keg. Get the gems.


5)      The coins.

Go with the 3 BBs through the blue gate, and down. Let 1 BB stand on the darkgrey button to keep the trap open, and let the other 2 activate the 5 darkgreen/mossy buttons, to keep up the logs. Walk over the logs to get the coins.


 Order of  5 buttons:


Bottom Left

Middle Left

Bottom Left

Middle Left

Middle Right

Bottom Right

Middle Right



6)      Final

Send the BBs one by one back through the blue gate, to prevent they step into the fire. Let them wait just below the 1 spikey area. Stand in the orange button area and guide the BBs up through the 1 spikey area. Stand on the red button and let the BBs exit.



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by Mette