# 38
Adventure Spikey Situation
Location Jungle Temple, main room
Solution by Marinus



1) Green gloves area

Get the Grow power and step 1 left. When the 2 spikeys in that room are at the right side, place a Grow above you and one below you. (the spikeys will destroy the kegs) Use a Grow to trap the lower spikey and get the coin.


2) Red and orange buttons area

Place a Grow *1 right of the rightmost red button, and one below it. When spikey is on the buttons, place a Grow below the left button. Go through the red gate and stand on the darkgrey button. (activates a barrel) Place a Grow, *1 from the barrel 2 left - 1 down. (on a special marked floortile) Spikey will go over the barrel, to the orange buttons. Then place a Grow right of those buttons, and go through the gate.


3) Crabs area

Place three Grows *1 in the water, directly right of the crabs area. Chase the crabs into the water between the yellow gate and timer, activate the timer and go through gate. Step on transporter, get coin, and place Grows where needed, to travel to the star.


*1 Place Grow(s) when previous Grows are expired.


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by Mette