# 39
Adventure Hall of Shadows
Location Jungle Temple, main room
Solution by Marinus/Salin


Solution by Marinus

1)      Spikey area

Walk up to BB1, (the 1st Baby Boomer) and let him blow up the kegs on your way up. Let BB1 stay here.

Go up (Main area or yellow gloves area) and left over the barrels (top-left area) and down over the other barrels, to the critter/spikey area. Stand on the last barrel. When spikey is next to the gate, mouseclick directly left of the green button, so one critter will sit on the darkgrey button in the bottom-left corner.

Then go down, next to the gate. Go left to chase the critter off the button, and go back right immediately to let the critter go up. Stand on the green button, and when spikey is at the left, go off the button, so spikey will go up and left, (because of the critter standing there) destroying the kegs.

Walk left and up to BB2. Let him stand left-above the opening to the bottom corridor, so you can chase the other critter onto the darkgrey button, which will activate the barrels in the water. Let BB2 go up all the way over the barrels.

Stand 2 tiles above the critter, so it goes off the button, and chase it on the button again. Walk up over the barrels and make sure the  lightblue button (halfway those barrels) is touched only once.


2)      Top-left area

There are 3 buttons in that area:

1.      A diamond-shape button directly left of the barrels, which can only be activated once.

2.      A timer button top-left which activates a trap in the top-right area.

3.      A diamond-shape button (on/off switch) behind the lightblue gate, which also activates the barrels left and right of the main area.

The barrels will be up, since you walked over button 1 on your way there, and the lightblue gate will be open, since you activated the lightblue button (on/off switch)

Walk right and up over the barrels to get the coin.

Let BB2 activate button 3, and you go back left.

Let BB2 activate button 3 again, and you go right over the barrels to the main area.

Let BB2 activate button 3 again, so the barrels from the main area to the left and to the right are all up.


3)      BB3

Get the yellow “Pop” gloves, and stand on the right side of the main area. Send BB3, who is standing left of a trap, in the top-right area, 2 tiles right, directly right of that trap.

The trap will close, so let BB2 activate button 2 (the timer) and then let BB2 go over the barrels, to the main area. Go with BB2 down to the lower area and let him blow up the kegs at the left side. Get the red key and Pop the lightblue button.

Go back to the main area, and send BB3 to the yellow button, through the yellow and lightblue gates, and over the barrels to the main area.

Go with BB3 down to the lower area and let him blow up the kegs at the right side. Get the orange key, use the keys to open the gates, and exit.

Note: With this level I found it easier to set the computerscreen a bit more bright so the entire level is visible.


Solution by Salin

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