# 4
Adventure Twist and Turn
Location Wonderfalls
Solution by dlcs18



1. Go north across the button and flipbridge.

2. Press the red rotation button once and the yellow rotation button once.

3. Go across the red flipbridge and walk across the yellow button and past the yellow flipbridge.

4. Get the gloves, then go into the centre of the flipbridge (the part that has no yellow lines on)
and pop the yellow rotation button from here.

5. Go west all the way and then pop the red rotation button.

6. The red and yellow flipbridges should be rotated horizontally now.

7. Pop the upper red timer button and then quickly pop the pink timer
button and then run west quickly into the spring to get to the east side of the level.

8. On the upper half of the gems. Collect the bottom-left one, the bottom-middle one and the top-middle one.

9. Do not touch any other gems on the top half. Walk down so on the bottom half of the gems you collect the
top-left one and the bottom-left one.

10. Go south and step in the right place to guide the turtles into the gap and make a bridge to the star
(to reach that position you must do these steps having your stinker begin from just west of the sign: Down 11 tiles and left 1 tile)

11. The turtles should go north and make a bridge for you to get the star.


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by Mette