# 40
Adventure Spikeys in the Dark
Location Jungle Temple, main room
Solution by Marinus/Salin


Solution by Marinus

1)      1 spikey area

Go right and down, through the 2 spikeys area, and right through the orange gate. Chase the critter on the spikey’s path, directly left-above the bottom-right corner. (spikey will go to the bottom-left corner) Then chase the critter directly right-above the bottom-left corner. (spikey will keep walking over the rotator button now)

Wait for the right moments, stand on the flip bridge, go left to get the coins and gems, stand on the bridge again and go right-up to get the red key, over the lightblue button into the TP.


2)      2 spikeys area

Go back to the corridors left of the 2 spikeys area, chase the critter down through the red gate, onto the red button, and use the key to open the gate again. Chase the critter until it’s almost in the 2 spikeys area.

When the 2 spikeys go up through the centre, (or just before) chase the critter right (directly above the opening on top of the green timer room) to block their way. (one spikey will keep walking over the green timers, and the other one will return and continue its way)

Then chase the critter 1 tile up. (so next time spikey goes up through the centre, it will go left into the corridor) Chase the critter after the spikey also into the corridor, until it’s on the intersection (above the yellow button corridor)

At the moment spikey is next to the critter,*1  chase the critter, so it will go down, onto the yellow button. Step out of the way, to let spikey return, and exit.


*1 Instead of using the spikey to block the critter, you also can go to the upper “lots of traps” area, to chase the critter down.


Note: With this level I found it easier to set the computerscreen a bit more bright so the entire level is visible.


Solution by Salin

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