# 44
Adventure Pool Room
Location Jungle Temple, main room
Solution by Marinus



Get the coins on the bottom-left island and on top-left island. Go left and down over the barrels onto the green transporter, and travel right, to get the 2 coins between the walls. Travel back left and stand on the blue timer.

Then run for the coin, the green key, and the blue TP. (I use the mouse for the coin and the key, then with the keyboard into the TP) Stand on the orange button, the orange transporter and get the orange key. Travel back, stand twice on the yellow transporter, so itís positioned to the left.

Stand directly below the opening to the spikey / tentacle room. At the moment spikey is directly above the opening going to the right, mouseclick directly above the leftmost tentacle. Then, when spikey is below the coin, click on the tentacle next to the coin. (spikey will go over the barrel and the yellow rotator button, and the yellow transporter will be positioned down) Get the coin and step on the transporter.

Go to the middle of the flip bridge when it can, and get the coins and the yellow key. To get the coins you can go quickly forth and back at once, but when you get the key, you have to wait for the next turn of the bridge. Wait each time on the upper tile of the little island, until the fire of the right flower has passed, then quickly go down, and go up again.

Use the keys to open the gates, and exit.


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by Mette