# 6
Adventure Red Crab Nesting Area
Location Jungle
Solution by Marinus and popo


Solution by Marinus

1) Beginning

Chase the first crab over the button into the water. That button opens the gate to the left room. Chase the crab in there also up into the water so you can walk to the middle island.


2) Middle island and upper / upper-left area

Chase the crab on the island up, to make a bridge to the upper area. Go all the way up over the intersection, and chase the crab in the upper area to sit right of the intersection to stop the fire. Go from the intersection all the way left, then down. Chase the crab into the water and get the key. Go back to the middle island.


3) Right part

Wait for the right moment and walk over the logs to the right area. Go from the intersection down and around to chase the crab exactly on the intersection. (If you go one step at a time and back immediately, you can let the crab also go one step at a time) Walk back around and chase the crab into the water. (or on the 1st log) Stand as close as possible without chasing the crab. (3 tiles below the crab)

At the moment the 1st log (the lower one)  goes down, run up over the crab to get the key and stand on the yellow button. At the moment the 4th (upper) log is down, keep holding the down-arrow-key of your keyboard, until youíre far enough below the crab. (It seems using the mouse doesnít work here)

Chase the crab onto the 3rd log. (make sure he doesnít sit on the 4th) At the moment the 1st log comes up, stand on it, just long enough to get the crab on the button.

Go through the yellow gate, but before going up beyond the crab to get the key, wait for the 4th log to be down. Also go back down, at the moment the crab is in the water. (to prevent that the crab goes too far down). Chase the crab onto the yellow button again and return to the middle island.


4) Lower-left area

This is the area with the two crabs and the gems. Go directly to the place 1 tile below, where you enter that room, (the 3rd tile from top at the right side of that rectangle-shaped room) in one movement, so I suggest to use the mouse. If itís right, the crabs should be above/below each other instead of next to each other. Now go down, one step at a time, so the crabs will stay going below each other. Get the gems.

Return to the place where you started, use the keys to open the gates, and exit.


Solution by popo

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