# 70
Adventure Treasure Hunt
Location Acid Pools
Solution by Loirae


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  1. Walk past the red button, charge purple blink and get out of the closing gates around you.
  2. In the section you're already on, walk East and get the first 3 gems.
  3. Follow the Acid West to where it runs into the wall around the blink charger. BLINK (1) straight down, past one island to the one directly below the Blink Charger. Get the next 3 gems.
  4. Walk to the southern shore of this section and BLINK (2) Southeast of you to the next 3 gems.
  5. Walk up and East and pick up the next 2 gems.
  6. Walk back toward where you arrived and Blink from West to East across the bottom of the acid water to the small hidden area just north of where you picked up those last 2 gems.
  7. You should be very close to the center of the cavern. There are 2 gems just East of you. I recommend saving the game here. Take these next 2 gems, but watch out for fire flower fireballs.
  8. Walk to the Eastern Wall, avoiding fireflowers, then North to get the next 3 gems. (If you are careful, tricky, or lucky, you can get the bottom flower to shoot the top one. However, in just a minute you can also get the top one to shoot the bottom one and that's more useful later.
  9. Very carefully, walk into the bottom section. When passing from one section to the next, all 4 flowers can hit you, so wait for a good time and then run south to a safe place.
  10. I prefer to work left to right, so head to the left fire flower, running around it so it can't hit you and take his 2 gems. Watch out, certain places over that can also be reached by his neighbor flower.
  11. Head East and the south to get the 2 bottom-most gems. this is also a great hiding place and a good place to Save.
  12. Run up to the fireflower and grab his 2 gems. If you stand directly East of him, the northern-most fire flower will shoot his neighbor making your exiting this section easier. Remember as soon as he pulls his head back, you can step out of the way and he'll shoot where you were standing.
  13. Go back into the next section where you landed by the tiny volcano. BLINK (4) past the center island to the big one that is due East of the Blink Charger. Take the 2 gems.
  14. Walk to the Eastern Tip of this island and BLINK (5) all the way north and east to the little spot between the 1 gem and the volcano. Make sure you are skipping the small island in the middle of the lake.
  15. From where the gem was, BLINK (6) past the tiny island again to the east side of the long island that has two volcanos on it. Take the 2 gems there.
  16. BLINK (7) North to the next 2 gems.
  17. BLINK (8) Southwest to the tiny island to get that 1 gem.
  18. Stand on the East side of tiny island and BLINK (9) Straight East to the small section that is almost totally closed off by walls.
  19. Get the last 4 gems located in the northern and southern corners of this section.


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by Mette