The Acid Falls


Acid Swamp

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Collect all the gems in the first island. You should now have 23 gems left. Go to the Blink pad


Blink to the next island. Donít forget to collect the blue gem (see figure 1)

Figure 2


In figure 2

-Blink into the white circle.

-Blink into the yellow circle.

-Blink into the green circle.

-Blink into the orange circle.

-Walk to the NW island (Red circle) and collect all the gems.

-Walk down to the SE island where the red gem is located.

-Blink into the blue circle.

-Press the dark green button and collect the indigo gem. The bridge should rise up. (There should be 18 gems left)


Walk back to the island where the blink pad is located. Then blink back to the flip bridge area.


In figure 2

-Blink into the red circle. Press the rotate button.

-Blink into the orange circle.

-Collect all the gems (2 gems). Press the rotate button. (The flip bridge should be deactivate)

-Blink into the orange circle.

-Blink into the yellow circle.

-Blink into the orange circle.

-Collect all the gems (There should be 12 gems left)


Blink across to the Pow pad island. Release the turtles by firing all the powder keg. Collect all of the gems and a coin. Then blink to the next island where there is a pop magic. (There should be 7 gems left)


Figure 3


Use the pop magic to deactivate the indigo bridge (see figure 3). Use the transporters to get to the diamond button and press it. Use the last transporter to press the red button. The fire flower should now blast all the powder keg.

Go back the bridge area and collect the gem. Walk carefully to the last room and collect the last 3 gems.



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by Mette