# 73
Adventure Into The Deep Dark Cave
Location Pirate Camp
Solution by cbloopy



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In the part with the green crab and the Spikeys, I get rid of the Spikey at the orange gate by going back and forth such that the crab will keep getting on and off the orange button, until the Spikey eventually gets caught on a closing orange gate and gets killed.
Towards the end, you have to unlock a gate while standing on a fire trap.  To ensure that I don't waste time fumbling for the key, the video shows that I moved the key into the top-right corner slot of the Item Bag, so that I don't have to move the mouse much between opening the Bag and selecting the key.  To swap items in the Bag, you click with the right mouse button on the item you want to move.  Then click the slot in the Bag where you want the item to end up.  To further ensure that I did that part fast enough to avoid getting killed, I also used the keyboard to move Stinky on and off the fire trap.


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by Mette