# 76
Adventure The Acid Swamp
Location Pirate Camp
Solution by Loirae


  1. Put the crab in water by the red gate and get the gem

  2. You walk to the Blink charge on the east side. You get out, stand on the button to hold the gate open and then blink past the gate.

  3. Blink to the Orange button. Wait 3 seconds (so the spikey can clear the gate that he was behind) and Blink down, then right - over near the Wee Stinker. The spikey will hit the flip bridge timer.

  4. Wake up Wee stinker and quickly lead him across the flip bridge.

  5. Take the Wee stinker to the red button. Good place to save.

  6. Wait until the fireflower shoots, move Wee stinker onto the button, walk into red gate, move Wee stinker off button out of harmís way.

  7. When the fire traps turn off, run down and left to scare the scritter straight down then straight up that left wall. Then, pin him in against the gate. Save again.

  8. Time this right: Put the stinker on the button, the scritter runs out and you run out and into the Wee stinker. Gate closes. Everyone is safe.
    Note: To get the coins in by the fireflower, you repeat step 6 as needed, but with the other red gate.

  9. Push Scritter all the way right to mossy button (just above Blink charger) -this raises the Wee stinker's exit bridge.

  10. Set the Wee stinker in the flickering Rainbow TP where he can nap a while. Collect any gems and coins in this bottom area that you havenít already taken.

  11. Blink up North East side. (collect any coins on those middle island that you want to, as long as you save at least one Blink to get to the bridge to the pop charge.)

  12. Charge POP.

    Decide if you want to trap the chomper (easier) or kill it (slightly harder)

  13. a. To trap the chomper: While the Aqua gate is still up, Use POP on the barrel just south of the gate. It lowers it, keeping the chomper on the island.
    b. To kill the chomper: Pop the aqua button and run into the blue gate & Blink charge area, closing the gate behind you. Then, when the chomper is at the gate, lower it and raise it quickly, killing him in it.

  14. Charge Blink by Blue button (if itís not already charged) and stand on button to blink past the gate.

  15. Blink your way across the bonus coin islands to the far west side, collecting any coins you still need.

  16. Recharge Blink on East side, if needed.

  17. Blink past all the water barrels to northern spikey island.

  18. Charge Grow.

  19. Click to enlargeSave because this next part takes a LOT of practice.

  20. Trap Spikey on the buttons by placing grow to create a "cage" around the TP buttons. The spikey will go in and back out, so instead of a push x2 length, it's a push x 4 at least. This keeps the TP on long enough to transport the Wee Stinker. Use spy-eye to see if the wee stinker has arrived at the island near the pink button. (Click image to see larger version of Grow placement image.)

    Stand at the red X to shoot Grow number 1, move to the yellow X to shoot Grows 2 through 5 in order. (Number 6 is optional. But if you're fast, shoot 2, 3, and 4, then move and shoot 6, then 5.)

  21. Walk on barrels down and Charge Blink again

  22. Blink back to the right and up, collect any remaining coins, but making sure youíve got at least 1 blink left.

  23. Wake up Wee Stinker

  24. Step on purple Button to activate a purple TP

  25. Put Wee stinker in purple TP

  26. Blink North and West of Wee stinker, to any area that that allows you to see exit AND Wee stinker.

  27. Click and drag the wee stinker to the exit. He will automatically walk the mossy bridge to end the level. (Note: If there is no bridge, you didnít put the scritter in the right place at the beginning.)



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by Mette