# 8
Adventure Gemstone Lagoon
Location S of Stinker Camp
Solution by Marinus



Get the pink “BLINK” power, and enter the main area through the yellow gate. Get the gems, blink to the turtle area, and get the gems there. Stand in the way where  the turtles come down (in a horizontal line with the button) and when the second turtle has changed direction, immediately blink to the button, so the turtles will walk over the logs, and into the water to the right area, so you can get the gems there.

Then go to the upper right area, get the gems and use the rotator button to spring to the left. Get the gems, blink back to the main area and set the springs to the right. 

Stand in the opening on top of the main area, and at the right moment, quickly blink up to the log and blink left. Get the gems and spring to the right. Get the gems, and blink to the bottom tile of the bridge far upper left.

Blink directly right *1 of the nearest crab, (so it sits on the left bridge) and then blink just below it, and walk up to get it in the water to the red button. Chase the other crab onto the button and get the last gems.

*1 Alternative way using one blink less: Blink far right of the nearest crab, walk one step at a time, walking diagonally LD on middle bridge.


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by Mette