# 84
Adventure Across the Abyss
Location Abandoned Mine, Sundog
Solution by popo and Mette


Solution by popo

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Solution by Mette

Stand on top of the gate
pop 1
go to button
pop 4
pop 2 & 4 so they end at the red Xs
go to 4
pop 1
go to 1
get key
go to 1
go to 4
pop 3 & go to 1 so 1+you are at the green X (3+4 are now right and 2 is down)
pop 3 & 2 so 3 is at the white X (2 is up)
go to 3
you should now be at the gate with 2 pops left.


Pop 2 and 5 and go through teleporter. Get Blink! and go to white X.
Blink to 4, the top yellow X, walk right, blink to lower yellow X and walk to pick up key.

Walk back to lower yellow X, blink up and stand at the top yellow X.

Blink to 4, 2 and purple X. Blink up to get the coins (this takes some searching behind/below the big rock). Blink all the way down (white line) and exit.


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by Mette