# 9
Adventure An Ace in the Hole
Location Stinker Camp
Solution by Marinus/Salin


Solution by Marinus

Stand on the yellow “Pop” gloves, and Pop the 2nd and 4th button. When the 1st log comes up, walk over, Pop the transporter, and travel right.

Step on the lower of the 2 transporters in the water on the right side, (so it goes up) then on the upper one, (so it turns to the right but stays) and step off that transporter onto the floor.

Pop the transporter you just stepped off, and then Pop the left arrow rotator button. Repeat this 4 times. (You’ve lost the Pop-gloves but the transporter should’ve gone right, down, left and up, and be positioned in right direction)

Travel and walk right, and one step down. At the moment the fireflowers fire, mouse-click the transporter and stand exactly between the flowers. When they fire again, step out of the way, and they will destroy each other.

Get the keys, open the gates, and exit.


Solution by Salin

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by Mette