First, get past the Spikeball. Then, chase the scritter up so that it will trap the Spikeball on the button.

Enter the left-side area, avoid the Spikeball and the flame, get the key, and enter the right-side area. Press the yellow button (make sure that the Spikeball is not on the yellow gate.) now, the Spikeball will go up and press the button. Then you can get the key.

Now go to the blue and orange gate area, and when the spike ball is on the pink buttons, press the red button to trap it! Then you can get the key in the bottom-right area.

Now, release the Spikeball and press the orange button. This will direct the Spikeball to press the yellow button. At the right time

Get to the left-bottom key, get out. And Open the blue gates and you’ve got your star!

Solution by Dlcs18


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